You can’t ignore the bad in people because…



This quote does not sit well with me. Mostly because I don’t think you can just ignore the bad in people because it is bound to turn on you at one point or another. On a personal level I dealt with a friend who was some what volatile in her behaviour. Loyalty nor respect were part of her friendship. Although I had known her for about ten years I didn’t really know her. People warned me but I decided to ignore because I like to make judgements based on my own experiences especially when it comes to people and friends. Long story short, our friendship ended when i felt like the volatility turned towards me via passive aggressive behaviour. I felt her actions getting more purposeful and aggressive yet she would always maintain a smile on her face. When i had a heart to heart she just ignored me for a few months until she found out i had some life altering situations that i was dealing with. Wanting to be at the center of the drama she decided to reach out to me. But by this time I had no energy to deal with the passive aggressiveness and the volatile nature of our friendship. Thus, bringing me to the point, even though i ignored the bad in her for about ten years i could no longer ignore the bad traits. I loved and accepted her for as long as she was on my side but once i felt I became the target of her passive aggressive behaviour I could no longer ignore her “bad side”.  The long term lesson i learned is that life is much easier and happier when you are surrounded by simple, drama free, good people. People who carry light in their heart with no other motive than to connect with you and to support you and vice versa. Its hard to find good friends but I am lucky enough to have a few for whom i thank God each and every day. And no they are not perfect but they love me and I can feel that.


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