A new day a new perspective



All cried out and yesterday’s tears dried up, I wake up to the news that one of my cousin’s twelve year old is in critical condition, probably in a hospital ward where hundreds other lay hoping for a chance at life. Most of my extended family still resides in a third world country where those who were not fortunate enough to be born into the elite rich class struggle to find safe and helpful healthcare.

Makes me see how menial the problems we face here in a first world country are compared to those at another end of the world. Reminds me never to take for granted the blessings which were and are bestowed upon my family and I for having left that place behind. To have security and peace of mind, to have proper healthcare. I do not rest my head at night thinking about whether I’ll have food in the morning or not. I walk the streets free, I drive as I please to where I please without the supervision of a man. All things that could not be had I still been living in a different part of the world.

Today I only have a prayer in my heart for my twelve year old, second cousin and gratitude towards God and his blessings. Thank you.


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