Everything comes back full circle



While waiting outside my sister’s high school… I remembered something that had taken place about ten years ago, when I attended the same school…

It was a beautiful summer day. Classes had ended an hour ago but I hung around for group meeting. It was about four in the afternoon when I stepped outside the school and was met with a man. When I first saw him he was standing very still…staring at the school with with a look of incredulity… as if he was reminiscing.

When I got closer to where he was standing, he turned and asked me where the office was. I pointed towards the direction to which he responded… “it’s still in the same place.” I assumed he was a parent or an older sibling of someone who attended the school. Ofcourse at that time I was not very observant of his age. He just looked older and that is all I noticed.

Right when I was about to walk away he says ” you know, I used to go to this school ten years ago” and I said ” wow! that was a long time ago”. That is all I remember of that moment.

I did not remember that moment until I was sitting in the car waiting for my sister… reminiscing about the great and not so great times I had, had in that school… ten years ago… I was now standing in that man shoes… and what seemed like a long time back then… ten years… does not seem that long ago after all. I now feel what that man felt then. He must have seen the ten years fly by… As I have experienced since high school.

That is when I came to the realization that things had come back in full circle…

I would love to hear others’ experiences/thoughts related to the topic.






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