Be open and Receptive to love



Sometimes, without our acknowledgement, our past or present or the worry of the future unknowingly create barriers that make it difficult for us to make room for others in our lives and in our hearts.

Whether it be a bad break up… or in my case witnessing a horrible marriage, or meeting future goals and being too busy in the present to achieve those future goals, are all barriers that hold us back from one of the most important and basic of human needs and desires: the desire to love and be loved.

If you are lucky, like I was, someone understanding, patient, kind and persistent comes along and breaks down those walls and teaches you to trust and love despite what you have experienced or witnessed in the past. But often we have to be open and receptive to the idea for it to work out.

When “looking for love” it never hurts to stand back and self examine to ensure that we are open and ready to devote the time and energy to receive and to give love to someone else.



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