Inner strength



When I was in high school, the days of msn, I was sharing a glimpse of the struggles I was facing with a friend of mine.

He said: ” you are so strong”.  I responded: ” I am not strong, I just pretend to be strong.” To which he responded “well isn’t that what being strong is? Holding it together with a smile on your face when everything is falling apart?” I was at a loss of words, which was unusual for me.

It was a huge realization on my part and although I am no longer in touch with the person, his words really stayed with me.

I did not realize that what I thought was just pretending to be strong was my actual strength. I learned then, to never underestimate my strength and resilience as a person.

Thus, it is important to give your self credit for putting a smile on your face when you are not happy and and for “pretending” to be strong when you feel like you are not because that is real strength :).



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