Dear Dad



Dear dad (in name mostly),

It is father’s day today. Just a reminder of how much I wish for a hug and kiss and the warmth and security of the arms that a father can only provide.

You not only scared  my family and I for life  but you also left a giant void in our hearts. You stole our sense of security and sense of strength and confidence that you get from having a strong kind and protective father in your life.

I often find my self envying friends who call their dads their heroes. While all I can think of you is as a villain.

When I try to remember some of the good in you… its overshadowed by the bad.

I wish I could forgive and forget all the abuse we faced as a family at your hands but I can’t. I don’t know how. At least not yet…

So while everyone is out celebrating their fathers today… I sit here with a hole in my heart and soul wishing you still, good health and sending you love and prayers in my thoughts.


Your daughter


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