If things dont go according to plan…


inspirational-quotes-7Sometimes we spend too much time planning and plotting but we do not take into account one simple concept: life, It happens. Whether it be an illness or a tragedy or loss of job or some other big life event.. life just happens.

Over the last few months I have been learning to let go of what I held on to so tight…for too long… my goals that I dreamed about all my life, which have been on hold for over a few years now thanks to my health…

But I realized that it is not me who was not able to achieve, as I consider my self to be an intelligent, hard working woman. It were my circumstances that stood in my way. This realization has helped somewhat cope with what feels like a huge loss… loss of my intelligence of my pride and loss of my passionate drive.

It is life though… Can’t blame anyone including myself. And it is time that I recognize that what is will be and I just have to accept and find another goal or another dream… For it is better to keep dreaming than to keep loathing over the broken dreams.

Cheers šŸ™‚


Quote from: http://www.dumpaday.com/random-pictures/inspirational-quotes-week-32-pics-2/


2 thoughts on “If things dont go according to plan…

  1. This is a lovely post šŸ™‚ I agree that living behind lost dreams and fears of failure can lead to a very unhappy life. Fight those fears! I actually just published a piece discussing my view on the necessity of stepping outside your comfort zone and embarrassing new aspects of life… feel free to check it out!

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