what if you miss the perfect moment waiting for the perfect moment?



I often find my self putting things off for the “perfect moment” but recently I have learned that there is no such thing as the “perfect moment” or “perfect timing” or anything perfect for that matter.

My type A personality always strives for perfection but this is also where my downfall comes into play. I have to learn to just accept each moment as it is and get whatever I need to get done started and over with as opposed to waiting for the right time.

Nothing in life is perfect thus, it seems foolish now to think that things must wait for the right moment. Why not start now? Why not use the moment at hand rather than wait for the one coming up…? After all we don’t know what the future holds. What if you have missed the perfect moment waiting for the perfect moment?

It takes time to change one’s thought process and I am striving to do just that. Great quote.